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Our stock is aimed at selling CG content for interior and architectural visualization only. The maximum cost of our products is fixed at the level of 40 USD. Here you can sell your CG content (3d models, textures, scripts) as well as buy content for your projects and to organize your working process.

The Rewards Program

Hot Pies is a new format stock where, apart from commercial trade, we have organizedthe Rewards Program which allows you to purchase CG content from other users of the program. If your product ispart of the RewardsProgram, its other members have an opportunity to buy it with bonuses. You, as a member of the Rewards Program, have also got the right to do so.

Bonus Scoring

Bonus scoring happens automatically:
  • by a lump sum payment for each model, a script, texture or a shader * placed at our stock. The size of bonus is equivalent to the declared product cost.
  • by regular payments such as fees from each sale. The size of a fee constitutes 80% of the product cost.
* You shall be the Author of the content or have Author's Rights on it.

Is my content going to cost anything?

It is important to understand that, taking part in the Rewards Program, you do not make your product free of charge and freebie, as it may seem from the first impression. Royalty Free license applies for any bonus purchase as well as your content at the stock, under which we spread it.
Users, whose products do not take part in the Rewards Program, as well as regular buyers, may buy your product only with cash. It is also important to understand that in the long run bonus flow is going to decrease due to external reasons and when there is no time to wait for new reward sales or upload new content, many users will find it easier to purchase your content for cash.

Do I have to take part in the Rewards Program?

You do not have to sell you products as part of the Rewards Program. You can decide for yourself which of the products will be part of it and which of them will be available only for commercial trade. The option "keep separate from bonuses"is located in Content Upload Form next to “price” option. Activation of this option excludes the uploaded content from taking part in the Rewards Program and makes it available only for cash purchases.

What is the difference between bonus and commercial purchases?

To keep scores between users, we use inner currency called HPP (Hot Pie Piece).
  • Commercial HPP are equivalent to USD
  • Bonus HPP are equivalent to commercial HPP but do not have cash over
A user has two types of accounts:
  • Commercial Account – reflects commercial HPP balance
  • Bonus Account – reflects bonus HPP balance
Commercial Account Refilling is possible:
  • Via Exchange HPPoption in your personal account (via Pay Pal and Webmoney)
  • Via getting fees from sales (80%)
BonusAccount Refilling is possible:
  • Via getting bonus HPP for uploading your content to our stock
  • Via getting fees from sales (80%)

What shall I do with Commercial Account fees?

Cash asset sat your commercial account should be available forreverse exchange for real money via PayPal and Webmoney. When reaching threshold you can exchange them via Royalty exchange in your personal account, FINANCE section.
We are making our first steps in the area and are hoping for your support and cooperation. We are asking you to be lenient to bugs and inaccuracies. If you are interested in our project and you would like to get some explanations, please, inform us, we will be happy to answer any questions. Thank you for reading this text up to the end!!!
Sincerely yours, Development Team
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